Monday, January 18, 2010


Canadian wrestling star Rene Goguen, aka the metrosexual 'bonified hustler' Rene Dupree, has married quietly in Japan. The ceremony took place on 14 October 2009, but has only recently been announced. Rene met future wife Kanako through a mutual friend while working for Japan’s Hustle group.

Dupree, is currently working for All Japan as part of heel group Voodoo Murders, and plans to make Japan his home base. In recent days Dupree has been featured on Masa Chono’s website, sporting his devilish new look; has been linked to the nascent Japanese promotion SMASH and been mentioned as a possible TNA recruit. He returns to Europe in April 2010 for a series of title matches against RVD.

Asked if his wife is a wrestling fan Rene replied “No thank god!!!!” So don’t expect any Bonnie Steamboat interference or Kimberley-style ring valet appearances from petit Kanako Goguen.

Dupree is now 26, his body is maturing and his recent marriage another sign that he is settling down to the business. “Wrestling”, as he told reporters, “is my life - it's how I put food on the table! Through it, I eat and pay my bills. It's a family tradition. I grew up in Canada in a wrestling family, very much like Bret Hart… It’s not an easy life and you have to make sacrifices. But if it's something that really grabs you, then you have to go with it ..”

Dupree has gone with it through 2009, across Europe, England, Ireland and Japan. He has the bug and the ring presence, and has accumulated 13 years ring experience. And all the signs are that he’s settling down to a long-term ring career.

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