Sunday, February 5, 2017


2) The Lads from the Flats & Session Moth Martina defeated Paul Tracey & Jinny Couture & Renee Dupree. An extended comedy match, this six-person tag match saw the heel trio of Paul Tracey, Jinny Couture and former WWE star Reneé Dupree face off against the team of the Lads from the Flats and Session Moth Martha. Much of the comedy in this match revolved around class warfare, with the upper crust heel trio looking down on the working class babyface ladies. This got a decent amount of heat from the Belfast fans, with Dupree in particular. Ring singled out by the crowd.
The match itself was your typical comedy match, with lots of playing to the crowd for laughs. The most memorable moment in the match saw one of the babyfaces pull down Dupree’s wrestling trunks, much to the dismay of the former WWE star. The babyfaces picked up the victory here, with one of the “lads” hitting Paul Tracey with a Swanton Bomb.


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