Thursday, May 30, 2013



Rene Dupree defeated current All Japan Pro Wrestling GAORA TV champion Seiya Sanada before a large crowd at the Cocagne Arena, New Brunswick, Canada, Monday night (27 May 2013) to become the new AJPW TV champion.

Dupree will defend his new title over the next few weeks with nightly matches against Sanada who is touring the Canadian Province under the sponsorship of Kieji Mutoh, aka ‘the Great Muta.’

Muta, Sanada and rising Japanese talent Daiki "Tokyo" Inaba arrived in Canada late last week to join the ‘Rising Sun in the Maritimes’ tour, organized by former WWE wrestler Rene Dupree and legendary Maritimes promoter Emil Dupree.  Under an arrangement with All Japan, the Japanese talent will undergo training and skills development with the Duprees through June.

According to Sanada, one of the skills he would like to pick up on tour is Dupree’s ability to entertain Japanese fans across the language barrier. “I want to learn to talk and connect with the audience," Sanada said. "Muta said if you don't go abroad you can't learn the basics."

Dupree picked up a win in the 20th minute of a fast paced action filled match.

“Sanada was heel and a damn good one - we tore it up!!!” said Dupree. “The best matches in my career by far. The next two weeks in Cocagne and the angle continues!!!”

Upcoming Show dates
June 1 Lameque, New Brunswick
June 2 Neguac, New Brunswick
June 3 Cocagne, New Brunswick
June 4 Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
June 3, Cocagne, New Brunswick
June 4, Tatamagouche, NS
June 5, Sunny Corner, New Brunswick
June 6, Truro, Nova Scotia
June 7, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
June 8, Berwick, Nova Scotia
June 9, O’Leary, Prince Edward Island
June 10, Cocagne, New Brunswick
June 11, Sussex, New Brunswick
June 12, Chipman, New Brunswick
June 13, Fredericton Junction, New Brunswick
June 14, Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick

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